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— Application Requirements List —

Web Japanese Calligraphy Exhibition 2014 ◎Theme: “ Dream ”

◎Schedule: Saturday, February 1 – Saturday, May 31, 2014 , Works are to be put in order of arrival

◎We have 2 for adults and 1 for kids galleries. You adults can submit 1 work a room (up to 2 works)

‘Dream’ Group 1 Gallery
○Works written on paper, with single ink color. Calligraphy, paintings, seals with single or two colors. Paper can be colored. Do not color the works
after writing. (Attach the picture of mounting if you can.) It is closed with 30 works in order of arrival.

‘Dream’ Group 2 Gallery
○Seal engraving, dyeing, pottery, carving characters, colorful letters with brush, digital calligraphy, movies. It is closed with 30 works in order of

‘Dream’ Kids Gallery
○Works by elementary and junior high school students. Works need your own comments.
It is closed with 30 works in order of arrival.

◎Previously released works on any media are available.

◎You can not participate as a group of calligrapy’s class. Submit one by one in 5 kids each room.

◎Participants can ask somebody else to submit their work on their behalf for technical reason, but in that case, we need the participant’s own comments
on their works. Please attach your note that can convey the effort you made point to see, the intention and any remarkable episodes of your works. (Your
comments will help viewers taste the attractiveness and quality of your works, although displays over the Internet does not feel as authentic as real
[live] exhibitions.) We also need “shakumon”or words and meanings.

◎Send the image of your works with smaller easy-to-handle size. For example, in case of plane surface work, send us the three pictures in the following
three forms:
1. Entire work (required)
2. Part of work in which the type of line can be seen.
3. Works with mounting and surroundings.
You can use the file extensions .jpg, .gif, and .png. Movies are also available.

◎Exhibit a work each page.

◎No participation fee.

◎We send clear file folder as a souvenir in the time of vote result announcement(only in Japan). It is going to be printed 9 works on that are best 3 works each gallary. You can also purchase it if you need it more.

◎By the reason above, send works of the photo, the picture scanned with printable size.
(Do not make them smaller for web size, resolution is for print size). Please keep the work till the end of exhibition 2014.

◎Contact: ap2014@■ (← eliminate ■)

Entry Form+°・…*.;+ ・…*.;+ ・…*.;+ ・…*.;+ ・…*.;+ ・…*.;+ ・…*.;+ ・…*.;+
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