103 「The bottom of flower」 by Hatanaka Kochiku

'The bottom of flower' by Hatanaka Kochiku
‘ The bottom of flower ’
I hope to pass away under the cherry trees
At their best in full bloom,
At the full of moon,
On the fifteenth day of the second lunar month.
(Ne ga wa ku ba ha na no shita ni te ha ru shi na n
So no ki sa ra gi no mo chi duki no ko ro)
Hatanaka Kochiku, Hyogo, Female

'The bottom of flower'by Hatanaka Kochiku

 My mother had repeated that she liked this Saigyo bonze’s poem since she aged. The funeral would be held on a better day to go out while enjoying hanami than the cold time or hot time, and it would be at a moonlight time. I wish it would be at the time, too.
The fact is, the cherry blossoms all was gone, and the rokkou hydrangeas she liked planting were in full bloom. The alter was decorated with the hydrangeas of garden. She passed away in them.
Mysteriously, on the anniversary of her death, they are not in bloom the most. I wonder they could be in bloom for that day smartly.
When the Tokyo Olympic was concluded, someone was said, my plan of death has been put off seven years later.
Though I have dreamed of my plan of death yet, I will think of such a thing sometime. When the season of cherry blossoms comes over, it returned to me, and I wrote it.

A piece of 'The bottom of flower'by Hatanaka Kochiku

I thought the work should be at Group 2 Gallery because I scattered the pressed flowers in the back of paper to finish creating and scan, but I am exhibiting it at Group 1 Gallery because I may dye the another work. The paper is a Japanese writing paper for kana. The size is smaller than a half of the writing paper.

Self-introduction :
I am the representative organizer of NPO corporation No faction Calligraphy Net, and I am a housewife in my 60s. Nowadays, I write all kinds of things on facebook. Make friends with me, Hatanaka Kochiku.

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