105 「The way leading to a dream」  by Shuyou

 'The way leading to a dream' by Shuyou 「One Step(Ippo)」
One foot, One step
Shuyou, Kyoto, Female

'The way to Dream' by Shuyou

This work is for the person who hope to make your dream come true, and including the message for me.

A piece of 'The way to Dream' by Shuyou

I wrote two letters 壱歩 with Tenshotai.I wrote the letters of message in the middle with blue-black ink as I like.

I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was in the 6 grades.
But I spent 33years in a black and white world, Shodo.
I felt a lack of something and it is not enough, so I stop off photogragh and painting for color on my way.
I enjoy to cordinate the letters of Sousyo common to colorful fashion.

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