202 「Tapirs eat a dream」 by Fuzan

'Tapirs eat a dream' by Fuzan
Tapirs eating a dream
Fuzan, Okayama, male


'Tapirs eat a dream'  by Fuzan

It is said on a old story in China that tapirs live to eat human’s dream.
I drew a mom and two kids of tapir.
You will have never seen a bad dream if you say that ‘I will give this dream for tapirs’ after seeing it.
Tapirs which have body such as a pig and mouth such as an elephant have 3or4 foot’s fingers.

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I wrote ‘夢’ and drew 3 tapirs on A3 size of gasenshi, then I painted on it with watercolors.
I used photoshop only for a back of letter with green.
Framed picture is an original A4 size work.
I haven’t colored a back of letter yet(I am still thinking) .

I want to make works in monochrome ink with use of colors have a dream.

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