203 「 Fu yu an non 」 by Hatanaka Kochiku

‘ Fu yu an non ’ by Hatanaka Kochiku
Fu yu an non

Preparing against an unforeseen event, living to trust in peace and safety.

Hatanaka Kochiku ; Hyogo ; female


「 Fu yu an non 」 by Hatanaka Kochiku

What world did Ninomiya Sontoku (Kinjirou) devoted himself to the promotion of world and people dream? Sorting out the matter, it ended in this title. I think peace and freedom can be realized by just the basis.
His assets were lost by his good-natured father. This is a thought the man spent a childhood of hardship left for the future. We tend to forget this absently, so that it is a dream I wish to leave in this way.

「 Fu yu an non 」 by Hatanaka Kochiku 「 Fu yu an non 」 by Hatanaka Kochiku

I made the wrapper of pocket edition out of bleached cotton. I drew the characters with coloring matters, and dyed around them with the thin colors.

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