106 「 A dreaming girl 」 by Kousai

「 A dreaming girl 」 by Kousai A Chinese character 夢(yume).
I imagined a dreaming girl.
Kousai ; Tokyo Kokubunji city ; female

I was at my wit’s end for a work. The figure of a dreaming girl flashed into my mind while I was eager in write‘夢’,so that I created this work.

I wrote on a Japanese writing paper, and backed this work. I put it in an inch frame.

a piece of「 A dreaming girl 」 by Kousai 「 A dreaming girl 」 by Kousai

Self-introduction :
I put calligraphy suit the contents of my blog ‘Kousai nikki’ every time. I will hold my first private exhibition on 23rd – 26th of this May, and then I am going to exhibit also this work.http://blog.goo.ne.jp/kyo-ko521/e/cc1f614c45638d80442892be1c308a2b

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