107 「 Yume 」 by Keitou

「 Yume 」 by Keitou

「 Yume 」 by Keitou

When I wrote‘Sou jaku metsu sou(草寂滅爽)’for the Buddhistic word Nirvana, it was valued by Hatanaka teacher before.
In connection with dream
I wrote to add‘e(慧)’of wisdom and‘sei(正)’to‘sou ryo(僧侶)’

I rubbed down an ink-stick on an inkstone to make the ink.
With regard to a brush pen, I chose the pen to regulate the power of pen.
Under Hatanaka teacher’s guidance, I ironed the paper.

Self-introduction :
I have the Buddhistic life at my parent’s home temple. In addition to Zen, cleaning, sutra chanting, I practice also calligraphy. It has been my dream to have my own temple. As I am still apprenticed to a bonze, I devote myself to studying. I hope you will like this work very much.

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