110  「Smiling faces of children」 by Suiga

「Smiling faces of children」 by Suiga 「 Dream May all of children be entitled equally throughout the world! 」

Suiga ; Saitama-city ; Female

「Smiling faces of children」 by Suiga

Because of war, the residential environment and poverty, many small children are slaved for a living, and they are forced cheap labor, instead of their parents. They gather many things from a lot of foul and trash heaps to change many pieces of trash into money, and then they are on an income.
Their common “dream” is a thing “We want to go to school and study there.”
Although Japan has the compulsory education, I wrote to wish it could change from sadness which there are many children who want to learn but who is impossible to do it to our joy.

On a square piece of fancy paper, I wrote in my favorite brush pen, with an Indian ink rubbed down.

a piece of「Smiling faces of children」 by Suiga

Self-introduction :
I am still a calligrapher as a chick.
I give a performance on the street.
My pseudonym was named by my teacher. It is combined a character‘翠,sui’ of my teacher’s pseudonym with a character‘峨,ga’means “Anybody can move ahead with even a steep mountain path (ie. overcome hard life) by myself” by my teacher. I will practice not to live up to it hard.