207 「A dream of daughter’s」  by Suiga

「A dream of daughter's」  by Suiga
Her dream is to become a trainer for guide dogs.

Suiga; Saitama; female

『娘の夢』 翠峨作

My daughter knew that there are dogs which work by the encounter of golden retriever she keeps since 7 years old.

Since then, she has hoped to become a trainer of guide dogs for that many people can walk out without inconvenient.

Now she is 15 years old, her dream never waver.

It seems that her eyes with a goal shine.

I wanted to tell her tenderness, so I made this work.

I wrote this on a white paper with pen and colored pencils.

a piece of 『娘の夢』 翠峨作 

I am Suiga who exhibit the work at group 1 gallary.
I like drawing as well as calligraphy, so I expressed by drawing.

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