113 「Dream」 by Teruyo

「Dream」 by Teruyo My dream in my childhood
I wanted to be an ‘painter’.

Teruyo; Kawaguchi-city, Saitama; Female

「Dream」 by Teruyo

I exhibited this to the very limit by the invitation from my friend of Facebook.

post card. seiboku of Houraisan. a small brush.

a piece of「夢」 照代作

I have drawn since 8 months but it was in distressed. Miserable encounter.I couldn’t escape from there. That’s why I imagine and made a sketch of the house and paint it, and warmed happiness . When I was a child, there was a Japanese calligraphy’s classroom. I started it by play. I received many certificates. But too many, I didn’t understand the value. I think that memory made me at the moment. I can’t be a Japanese calligraphy’s teacher as teacher Ishida, but I want to go to the Japanese calligraphy’s way for my life. I appreciate for teacher Ishida!!!( ☆∀☆)

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