114 「Yume  dream」  by Laputa

「Yume  dream」  by Laputa 「Yume dream」
Formerly, it meant ‘ joy ’and ‘ music ‘. So I created with all my joy to make efforts for coming true and with all my thanks to music provides me with spiritual food.
Laputa ; Aomori Hachinohe city ; male

夢 ’dream’ - ラピュタ

Yume spells ‘ d-r-e-a-m ’ in English. Being conscious of this spelling, a fusion of alphabet occurred to me. Keeping the form of characters, I was conscious of also the connection of line.
I created this work to congratulate my American friend on the bitth of first baby several years ago. In those days, I created to wish her child and herself to have their forward-looking life with dreams.

「夢 ’dream’」 first piece of the work  「夢 ’dream’」 second piece of the work

The paper is an Office Automation Japanese light yellow and A4 (297mm * 210mm) – sized paper.

Self-introduction :
I take charge of a translation into English for NPO corporation No faction Calligraphy Net. I am greatly delighted to study English for translation. Thanks to the representative organizer and exhibitors, I am assuming this role.

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