116 「Dream」 by Noriyuki Iwai

「Dream」 by Noriyuki Iwai Dream, it is to get a oppotunity to lend a hand
to make people happy as much as possible.

Noriyuki Iwai; Takasu, Mihama-ku, Chiba-city; Male

「Dream」 by Noriyuki Iwai

I have supported for recovery in a small way since East Japan great earthquake disaster. Still many people have evacuated, only time would pass.
Although it is a small thing I can do, it is my small dream to be able to help even a little.

I wrote this on a shikishi size writing paper by a small brush.

「Dream」 by Noriyuki Iwai

Japan federation of education calligraphy instructor. I am good at the watercolor.
I begin instruction of the calligraphy soon at Chiba-city, home of Inagekaigan. Until last year, I worked for the foreign companies more than 20 years.