210 「 Yu-me ‘sogno’ 」 by Laputa

「 Yu-me ‘sogno’ 」 by Laputa 【Yu Me】
Sogno is pronounced ‘ so-no ’, and it is Italian. It does not mean only ‘ dream ’ but also ‘ imagination, fantasy, illusion, vision ‘. In addition ,‘免’is Hentaigana (ie. the cursive characters of Manyogana which are a set of unmodified Chinese characters that were once used as phonetics symbols to represent Japanese syllables ) of‘め’.

Laputa ; Hachinohe-city Aomori; male

「 Yu-me ‘sogno’ 」 by Laputa

  Being conscious of the spelling of an Italian word ‘ sogno ’ , a fusion of alphabet occurred to me. I am sure the original roundness of kana and the cubic touch expressed by boldness and fineness of fluent lines and the balance of margin are exquisite.
I have an Italian friend, and she is blessed with a first baby shortly. I hope I will present her this work in celebration of her childbirth.

The paper is an Office Automation Japanese light blue and A4 (297mm * 210mm) – sized paper.

「 Yu-me ‘sogno’ 」 by Laputa a piece of「ゆ」 「 Yu-me ‘sogno’ 」 by Laputa  a piece of「め」」210-C

Self-introduction :
My mother who lives with me has a strong intention to force me into housework, so that she has a dislike for my positive attitude to practice calligraphy. In that mean, without my family’s support, I practice calligraphy from lack of confidence. So I always wish I could make many companies to benefit my life for calligraphy more than the implements of good quality. On this occasion I will be happy to get to know such a company. I hope I will get to know many companies of calligraphy and you will like my work.


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