120 「Unconsciousness」 by Kahou

「Unconsciousness」 by Kahou Unconsciousness
‘ Muchu ~ Yumechu ’
Kahou ; Hyogo ; female

「Unconsciousness」 by Kahou

A character‘夢’has been added to the name of my old junior high school, which my old school has been called‘夢中(yume chu)’for short.
If I type‘むちゅう(mu chu u)’and change it into‘夢中’by word processor, a memory in junior high school returns to me.
I have not remembered what dream I had and what I was fascinated by since when I was a junior high school student… I tried to write in Chinese ancient mental vessel script style I have been engrossed recently.

I wrote on a sheet of Japanese writing paper with a bamboo pen.

A piece of「Unconsciousness」 by Kahou A piece of「Unconsciousness」 by Kahou(signature and seal mark)

Self-introduction :
Once a week, I guide the school children in calligraphy.
As I just usually correct their works with vermilion ink, exhibiting here once a year in a good opportunity to create my work.

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