215 「Open」  by Tatsuya Takahashi

「Open」by Tatsuya Takahashi 拓(taku, hiraku)- Open

Tatsuya Takahashi: Chiba: male

「Open」 by Tatsuya Takahashi

 I thought about my dream.
There is not a concrete thing “to be this” and may merely tell you only vaguely.
I intended to exhibit stippling of one character and chose the letter called this “拓”.
It came to my heart straight.
My life was a fight with “the neurosis” all the time.
“I wonder where these pains will come from .I wonder how I will be freed from here. This is the proposition that I was given through the life.
If I say this proposition in other words; “How do I become happy?”
To oneself in the process that reached present me or current me, I wanted to recognize the word this “拓” as one step to be connected in a dream.
“I open it up. I am inexperienced and do not mind even awkwardness even if awkward either.
I admit myself whom there is now and hold out and decide it by myself and walk now.
Even if it is shameful, even if it is a kid-like, I walk.
I push to open the trackless pass, writhe in agony, bother, without a helping hand, fall down, fall on my face, still open it up again from there even if I sometimes throw it.”

It is different from the trendy positive thought these days.

Parinseki 5bu (15.0mm)

「Open」  by Tatsuya Takahashi

My friend of Japanese calligrapher lead me to the Japanese calligraphy’ world last year, then I began to make tenkoku which I have experienced one when I was high school student.

I learn by myself and grope, but it became one of my life when I touched the creative art.


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