216 「I will do someday, too.」  by Kahou

Fujimi Japanese calligraphy: I will do Japanese calligraphy looking at Mt.Fuji.

Kahou: Hyougo: female

「I will do someday, too.」  by Kahou

I like Japanese calligraphy.
I like climbing mountains.
I like Mt.Fuji.
I was surprised that there is a person who do three things I like at the same time. Yoshida-san, I found at SNS by chance, who do 「shodo on the top of mountain」
I was able to get know this gentleman the other day.
I want to do Fujimi calligraphy somedayI, this is my dream right now.

材料The secret way Yoshida-san told me.
I can’t use the brush, so I wrote it by disposable wooden chopsticks and a pen made of glass. Now, what is the secret way? 

「I will do someday, too.」  by Kahou

I open the Japanese calligraphy’s classroom for elementary school students. Usually we do transcription seriously, however we have fun event, so I aim at the serious classroom happily brightly.


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