101 「Dream Heart」 by Fuzan

Dream Heart 「Dream Heart」
‘Yume kokoro’
It represents a dreamy state of mind or feeling.
Fuzan ; Okayama,Japan ; male

Dream Heart

When I was young,I depended on my enormous strength. But I have realized even ‘powerlessness’ must have been the very spirit of calligraphy since I became old.

a piece of 夢 Dream Heart - by Fuzan(表装)

It was a piece when I had my former name 30 years ago.
I wrote on a whole sheet of Japanese hand-made paper for paintings and calligraphic works with deep ink.
The external size of portable folding screen is about <170*85cm*2>

Self-introduction :
My late and former teacher gave the pseudonym ‘Kizan毅山・Juzan寿山’,and I have assumed the present pseudonym ‘布山 (Fu zan)’ by myself since I was over sixty.
As an amateur calligraphier,I am a seventy-year-old man to pursue the enjoyable representation of calligraphy and make a pleasure trip. Thank you…


  1. fuzan より:

    thank you very much to exhibition of my work at Group 1 Gallery

  2. Yukari より:

    Your work is suitable for the first!